Hardware & software development

Vaseline Smart Vending Machine

Our project for Unilever comprised of a smart lotion dispenser and software development tailored to help visitors chose the right product for their skin type.
Unilever's desire to reach a wider audience brought us together to build a smart lotion dispensing machine that dispenses the right lotion based on a customer's skin type.

To bring more exposure to the activation in crowded shopping centres, we have used the shape of the lotion bottle as a stand design and implemented a touch-screen to display Vaseline promotional materials and have customers to interact with the application.

Having the stand designed based on the Vaseline bottle, constrained us in using off-the-market dispensing machines, leaving us room to be creative and develop our dispensing mechanism that would fit in the stand and work with existing Vaseline bottles.

Hardware and software were seamlessly connected to complete this amazing interactive experience where customers would identify their skin type followed by the right product being illuminated, instructing the customer to place their hand in the socket where lotion would be dispensed bringing the experience to an end.
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