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Galati Interactive Museum of Natural Sciences

In partnership with Galati Museum of Natural Sciences, we have built a series of interactive activities to engage visitors and keep them coming back.
Galati Museum of Natural Sciences sought to enhance visitor's experience and implement new interactive technologies to attract a younger audience.

A series of multi-touch screens and interactive activities were used to create an engaging and fun learning atmosphere at the museum, especially for children.

Throughout the museum, we have installed multi-touch screens where visitors can interact with engaging experiences, such as:
• Animal-specific discovery games based on their distinctive prevalent sense
• Animal identification puzzles
• Interactive wildlife learning modules

As part of the nocturnal area, we have developed a Kinect-based solution where visitors use the palm their hand as a virtual flashlight to discover nocturnal animals in the interactive exhibition. As soon as the flashlight is directed towards an animal, a distinctive sound is produced and respective information shows up on the screen.

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