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Etihad Airways Interactive Training

Etihad Airways Training Academy has been updated with innovative interactive technologies to significantly enhance airline staff training experience and maximise learning retention.
Etihad Airways Training Academy required an interactive training technology, that was easy to update and customise for each department. A key part of the training was reinforcing 'winning behaviours' in relation to customer service. Learning material that can be cumbersome to learn, must be delivered in an easy and enjoyable delivery method that maximised retention.

Design and implement software with a state of the art learning program, that was easy to update, customise, and maximise engagement with the software thereby increase learning retention.
  • Using augmented reality to reinforce learning and engagement with the software.
  • Identifying each user's learning needs, and automatically prioritise said learning areas.
  • Collect feedback to continue improving the learning experience.
  • Encouraging a positive work culture, and reinforcing practical learning by giving the option to identify and nominate colleagues that displayed 'winning behaviours' periodically.
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