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AJCCC Smart Educational Centre

Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children is the first completely digital educational centre in Dubai, enabling teachers to accurately track children's vocational path and progress through advanced technologies.
To fully digitalise the Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children experience for children, parents, teachers and school management. This included institution management but also children's path on the premises, enrolment to classroom activities and more.

Neolabs developed custom multi-touch software solutions tailored for every classroom to enhance the learning experience for children.

Powerful hardware systems are interconnected to create a seamless experience across the entire building, from entering the centre only with a smart bracelet to booking activities, marking attendance, taking group pictures, and more.

A smart management system manages the Centre's operational activities providing access to features like member profiles, financials, vocational activities, hardware management, classroom directory, display content management and children's vocational path planner.
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